UK traffic showing wing mirrors

Unfortunately, there's no single source compiling all reported car wing mirror problems in the UK. However, by combining information from various sources like repair shops, forums, and insurance companies, we can identify some common issues:



Physical damage: This is the most frequent problem, often caused by:
Narrow roads: Misjudging tight spaces while driving or parking.
On-street parking: Vandalism, bumping into other vehicles, or door hits.
Public car parks: Similar to on-street parking, but also potential damage from trolleys or careless drivers.
Accidents: Collisions with other vehicles, objects, or animals.
Weather: Hail, heavy rain, or strong winds can crack or dislodge the mirror glass.

Mechanical issues:

Motor malfunction: The electric motor controlling the mirror's adjustment can stop working, leading to it being stuck in one position.
Loose or rattling mirrors: This can be caused by worn-out parts or improper assembly.
Heated mirrors not working: Failure of the heating element can be inconvenient in cold weather.
Automatic folding issues: In models with power-folding mirrors, the mechanism might malfunction, leading to unexpected folding or difficulty unfolding.

Other issues:

Vibration: This can cause blurry vision and difficulty seeing clearly through the mirror.
Blind spots: Some cars have larger blind spots due to the design of the wing mirrors.
Poor dimming function: Mirrors with automatic dimming might not adjust properly, affecting night visibility.


It's important to note that the frequency of these issues can vary depending on car make, model, and driving conditions. If you're experiencing any problems with your car's wing mirrors, it's crucial to have them checked and repaired by a qualified technician to ensure safe driving.

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