1. What are the most reported problems with car wing mirrors in the UK amongst drivers?

    UK traffic showing wing mirrors

    Unfortunately, there's no single source compiling all reported car wing mirror problems in the UK. However, by combining information from various sources like repair shops, forums, and insurance companies, we can identify some common issues:


    Physical damage: This is the most frequent problem, often caused by:
    Narrow roads: Misjudging tight spaces while driving or parking.
    On-street parking: Vandalism, bumping into other vehicles, or door hits.
    Public car parks: Similar to on-street parking, but also potential damage from trolleys or careless drivers.
    Accidents: Collisions with other vehicles, objects, or animals.
    Weather: Hail, heavy rain, or strong winds can crack or dislodge the mirror glass.

    Mechanical issues:

    Motor malfunction: The electric motor controlling the mirror's adjustment can stop working, leading to it being stuck in one position.
    Loose or rattling mirrors: This can be

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  2. Meet Wilfred - ‘Our Support Hero’

    Wilfred, ‘Our Support Hero’

    Welcome to our new ‘chatbot’ called Wilfred - also known as our ‘support hero’.  

    Wilfred pops up when visitors come to our website and is aimed at helping customers get a quicker response to their enquiry or order. 

    Wilfred asks a series of questions and offers some potential answers in order to direct customers as quickly as possible to what they are looking for or what part they may be interested in. 

    If visitors are not looking to place an order, they can get instant information about our professional, in-house painting service (where we paint wing mirror covers to match the colour of a customer’s vehicle); delivery timescales; if a part is currently in stock; or how to open a trade account and get preferential payment terms. 

    In addition, visitors can get quick information via Wilfred about our 12-month warranties on all our parts; our 28-day returns policy on all unused, non-personalised items; our payme

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  3. Here are 10 Interesting Points About Car Wing Mirrors


    Hello, petrol heads and fellow car geeks. Here are 10 interesting points about car wing mirrors.


    History: The first car wing mirrors were introduced in the early 20th century, primarily as a safety feature to provide a wider rearward view for the driver.

    Types of Wing Mirror Glass: There are generally three types of wing mirror glass: flat glass, convex glass, and aspheric glass. Each type offers a different field of view and perspective.

    Blind Spot Elimination: Convex wing mirrors are commonly used to eliminate blind spots by providing a wider viewing angle, allowing drivers to see vehicles approaching from the side.

    Power-Adjustable Wing Mirror: Many modern vehicles come equipped with power-adjustable wing mirrors, allowing drivers to control the wing mirror’s glass position electronically from inside the car.

    Heated Glass: S

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  4. Options To Get a Broken Car Wing Mirror Repaired


    What are the options for drivers to get a broken car wing mirror repaired in the UK?

    In the UK, drivers have several options to get a broken car wing mirror repaired. 


    Here are some common options available:

    Manufacturer/Dealership: If your car is under warranty or you prefer genuine parts, you can contact the manufacturer or authorised dealership to get the wing mirror repaired or replaced. They will have the expertise and access to original parts specific to your vehicle. But manufacturers and dealers are usually very expensive and this is the most costly option.

    Independent Garages: There are numerous independent garages throughout the UK that offer wing mirror repair services. They can often provide cost-effective solutions and may use aftermarket or refurbished parts to replace the broken mirror.

    Mobile Repair Services: Some companies specialise in mobile

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  5. Meet our latest apprentice, Will!

    Wing Mirror Man’s new apprentice, Will Lewis, from Radcliffe

    We are delighted to take on a new apprentice to support further recent growth in sales at Wing Mirror Man. 

    Seventeen-year-old William Stockton Lewis, from Radcliffe, will start an apprenticeship with Wing Mirror Man next month (June 2023) and will study for a National Vocational Qualification Level Three in Software Development. 

    Since the beginning of this year, Will has been working at Wing Mirror Man each Friday, whilst studying at Bury College for a BTEC in Media Production and a GCSE in Mathematics.


    Said Will: “I’m over the moon at being offered an apprenticeship here at Wing Mirror Man. The apprenticeship will allow me to learn more things and go further into what I’m interested in such as web development and software development. 

    He added: “I’m very ‘computer orientated’ so this apprenticeship just works for me.”

    Joshua Speed, Business Development Manager at Wing Mirror Man, said: “We

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  6. German Manufacturers Stop Functionality to try to Reduce Carbon Emissions


    Opinion Piece by Joshua Speed, Business Development Manager at Wing Mirror Man, Headlamps Direct & Window Regulator Man, all part of Buy It Online Limited.


    German Manufacturers stop functionality to try to reduce carbon emissions

    The latest example of the attack on car drivers and the constant bullying of drivers to buy an electric vehicle rather than retain a petrol or diesel car is being seen in Germany with car manufacturers Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz.

    In a bid to further kowtow to Germany’s strict emissions law, VW and Mercedes-Benz are ending a number of automatic functions in their petrol or diesel vehicles. 

    For example, they have stopped the heaters in their vehicles coming on automatically in order to thaw a frosty front and rear window first thing in the morning when people are getting into their cars to go to work. 

    Now, drivers have to switch on their heaters manually w

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  7. Welcome to Will


    Say hello to our new office junior, William Stockton Lewis.

    Will, 17, has joined Buy It Online Limited, owner of Wing Mirror Man, Headlamps Direct and Window Regulator Man, on a part-time basis whilst he studies at our local college, Bury College, for a BTEC in Media Production and a GCSE in Mathematics. 

    As our new office junior, he is learning about how we, as the UK’s leading supplier of wing mirrors to the trade and public, operate. 

    Specifically, he is assisting our team with the website and by responding to requests from the public and trade customers such as independent garages, car body repair shops, and MoT testing centres for quotations for wing mirrors and our other products including headlamps, indicators and window regulators. 

    (We also supply lots of other trade customers such as ambulance services, police services, housing associations, motorhome retailers and road hauliers).


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  8. Wing Mirror Man sponsors budding young cricketer

    Jake - Cricketer

    We, at Wing Mirror Man, the UK's leading supplier of wing mirrors to the public and trade, are delighted to have provided sponsorship to up-and-coming local cricketer Jake Bailey.


    Jake, 17, plays for Astley Bridge Cricket Club in Bolton and is a wicket keeper and batter. He has played for the club since the age of 3!


    He currently plays for the club’s third team, its second team and its Under 18s’ team. He plays three times a week for the club against teams across Greater Manchester.


    Jake said: "I'm grateful for the sponsorship from Wing Mirror Man. The sponsorship will pay for part of the cost of my kit and the petrol to get to both home and away matches as players have to make their own way to all games.”


    Joshua Speed, business development manager of Wing Mirror Man, said: "Jake is the brother of one of our employees, Tom. He is clearly a very talented cricketer and we are delighted to provide some

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  9. The Clean Air Zone in Greater Manchester - Is it Just Another Tax On Joe Public?

    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone Sign

    By Joshua Speed, Business Development Manager at Wing Mirror Man


    The Clean Air Zone in Greater Manchester - A bit of background


    In March 2020, the government issued a legal direction requiring the 10 Greater Manchester local authorities address what it called ‘the vehicle pollution problem’.


    As a result, the 10 authorities via the Greater Manchester Combined Authority drew up plans to create a ‘charging zone’ - one of the biggest in Europe covering an area of around 493 square miles and charge certain types of vehicles for the pleasure and necessity of driving in Greater Manchester.


    The Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone was due to come into force on 30 May 2022.


    However, concerns about financial hardship for local people and the lack of availability of compliant vehicles led the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, and Greater Manches

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  10. New Telephone System Helps Wing Mirror Man To Provide Better Customer Service

    New Telephone System Helps Wing Mirror Man To Provide Better Customer Service

    New Telephone System Helps Wing Mirror Man To Provide Better Customer Service

    We are delighted to announce that we have introduced a new telephone system recently which has revolutionized our approach to customer service.

    The new telephone system, supplied by local company Comms Consult, makes it easier and quicker for our advisers to help our customers find the correct parts for their vehicles. 

    (We have more than 24,000 products across our three websites including wing mirror covers, full wing mirror units, wing mirror glass, stick-on glass, window regulators, and indicators. We supply virtually all makes and models of cars, vans and motorhomes and are the UK’s leading supplier of wing mirrors). 

    The new system has a number of features and other benefits.

    First of all, the advisers wear a headset which allows them to more easily use the keyboard in order to research and find the correct wing mirror part that t

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