Wilfred, ‘Our Support Hero’

Welcome to our new ‘chatbot’ called Wilfred - also known as our ‘support hero’.  

Wilfred pops up when visitors come to our website and is aimed at helping customers get a quicker response to their enquiry or order. 

Wilfred asks a series of questions and offers some potential answers in order to direct customers as quickly as possible to what they are looking for or what part they may be interested in. 

If visitors are not looking to place an order, they can get instant information about our professional, in-house painting service (where we paint wing mirror covers to match the colour of a customer’s vehicle); delivery timescales; if a part is currently in stock; or how to open a trade account and get preferential payment terms. 

In addition, visitors can get quick information via Wilfred about our 12-month warranties on all our parts; our 28-day returns policy on all unused, non-personalised items; our payment methods such as buy now and pay later with Klarna, or other information that a visitor might want to know about. 

Visitors can also jump on a live chat with one of our friendly and helpful customer service representatives or request a call back. 

Joshua Speed, our Business Development Manager, says: “This is another way to help customers to get the information they are looking for as quickly as possible without having to call us. We know that some customers simply prefer to interact with us in this way as it’s quicker than a customer trying to communicate with a live attendant asking them questions and then typing relevant answers. Since we’ve launched Wilfred we’ve had (insert number) of customers use Wilfred showing that some customers really seem to use a chat bot - at least initially. 

He added: “We want to make the customer experience as good as possible. Wilfred follows a redesign of our main website wingmirrorman.co.uk earlier in 2023 which brought new features such as trade accounts and more payment options. With the new website and Wilfred, it shows that we are committed to constantly evaluating how customers interact with us and how we can provide a quick and positive experience for them when they are looking for any of the 24,000 parts that we now offer.”