Alfa Romeo MiTo Wing Mirrors

Complete Replacement Wing Mirror Units suitable for the Alfa Romeo MiTo manufactured between 2008-2018. 

Alfa Romeo Mito

The Alfa Romeo Mito was originally introduced in the year 2008 in Milan, Italy.

Marketed as a Supermini, it was designed to compete with vehicles such as the MINI and new shape Audi A1 models.

The design of the vehicle is very similar to cars such as the Fiat Grande Punto, this is due to Alfa Romeo building the Mito using the Fiat Small Platform, the design features large oval shaped headlights and the signature V shaped nose that is seen on most of the Alfa Romeo vehicles.

The Alfa Romeo Mito was praised for its appearance and won multiple awards in 2008 for most beautiful car, The Mito also won several awards for best car in the small car category throughout its years of production.