Volkswagen Stick on Glass

Volkswagen Stick on Glass

Our range of Volkswagen Stick on Glass are supplied with a large self-adhesive backing that is made to fit over the cracked/smashed glass and stick to the original backing plate.

Most Volkswagen listings have choices for your car, with the option of Convex or Aspherical glass.

If you do not find your vehicle and model, or the exact type you need on our website, use our Request A Part option, we still may be able to source a Stick on Glass for your car!

Also, if you are looking for a Stick on Glass for your more obscure or rarer vehicle, we offer a cut-to-size service where we use a template sent to us by yourself and the end result will still provide a full-length rear-view as the original. You can find this page here.

Occasionally, Direct Replacement Wing Mirror Glass can be expensive to acquire, in the short term a temporary Stick On Glass is a suitable fix to any damaged Wing Mirror Glass.


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