Buy It Online Ltd Returns Policy Information

At we understand things go wrong and sometimes items may need to be returned.

This helpful guide should provide you with all the necessary information to organise return of your item easily and successfully.

Our long-standing relationships with our chosen UK delivery partners mean we can offer simple and inexpensive services to assist you in the return of your item.

For further information regarding our delivery partners, you can check out our Delivery Information here:


Return Procedures | Online Activated Return


We want to make it as quick and simple for all customers to organise return of their products, we understand that when things go wrong, quick resolutions can make a huge difference.

To create a simple and easy method of returning items, we have incorporated online activated returns.

All returns must be pre-authorised, this allows us to pre-arrange any remedies prior to the return of the product, it also allows us to monitor, track and provide status updates as your returned item travels through our network.


To request return pre-authorisation, the below product return form must be completed and submitted prior to return of your product.


Product Return Request Form


Once completed and submitted, a dedicated return case handler will provide you with a unique Return Code (RC) and instructions relevant to your return request.


Non-Authorised Returned Items


In the unlikely event that you have not followed our online return procedure and have returned the item without the pre-authorised Return Code (RC), your returned item may not be handled upon receipt and may be returned to the sender if the item cannot be accurately attributed to an existing order.


To ensure that there is no delay in the process and handling of your returned item, you must ensure that your return request has been pre-authorised and a Return Code (RC) has been issued.


Non-Authorised returned items may still be handled, however significant delays will be incurred as pre-authorised returned items will take precedence.


Return Conditions

The following conditions must be met when returning an item to us.

If you do not follow these return conditions, the returned item may not be handled and may be returned to sender.

  • All items must be returned in their original manufacture packaging.
  • All returned items must be in their original retailed original condition, must be res-saleable and must not be devalued.
  • A copy of the original Order Confirmation or VAT Invoice must be provided.
  • A valid pre-authorised return code must be present within the return.
  • The return must be pre-authorised by completion and submission of the product return form.


Associated Return Costs


When returning an item, you may need to be aware of associated costs which you may incur throughout the process of returning your item.

You may not incur any of the charges mentioned.

We reserve the right in accordance with Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, to deduct any administrative incurred costs, these costs may include handling charges or administrative charges that have been incurred during the processing your order, return or any additional administrative responsibility.


  • Return Delivery/Postage Costs

We have fantastic relationships with our chosen UK Delivery Partners, as such we offer quick and simple methods of returning your items including the return postage costs.

In conjunction with Royal Mail, we offer a tracked return service at the fraction of the cost of usual postage services.

A tracked return label can be produced online easily and can either be printed at home or at your local post office.

To use this service, your return request must be pre-authorised and a Return Code (RC) must have been issued.

For further information regarding the Tracked Return Service offered, you can visit the Royal Mail website here:


This service is offered a cost of £3.95 and would either be deducted from any reimbursement amount issued OR charged at the point of exchange.

In circumstances when an error has been made in the dispatch or delivery of your item, this cost may be covered.

You are able to utilise an alternative service at your cost if required, however we are not responsible for the costs incurred and cannot be held liable if the returned item is lost or damaged during transit with a delivery partner of your choice.

All original selected delivery related costs are non-refundable, this includes optional delivery charges at the time of purchase and our standard pre-set delivery option which is free at the point of use.

The standard delivery option is charged at a rate of £2.75 in the event that the cost is not covered within your return.


  • Packaging Costs

We are constantly working hard to reduce our waste and the subsequent effect on the local and global environment.

As such, all items are supplied in their original manufacture packaging, packaging is usually designed and manufactured to suit that specific item, our manufacture packaging is durable and usually included specific unique internal packaging to keep your item safe and secure during transit.

All items must be returned in their original manufacture packaging.

If an item is not returned in its original retailed packaging, charges may be incurred.

The cost to replace an item packaging is set at the flat rate of £7.95.

This cost is an average of the costs incurred to replace the external and internal packaging of your item in bulk and cannot be negotiated.

As standard a charge for the use of our non-conditional free delivery service will be deducted in circumstances where liability to return lies with customer, this charge is a flat rate of £2.75 and enables us to continue offering a non-conditional free delivery service at the point of use.


Return Timeframes

We completely understand that sometimes there is not enough time in the day, especially to manage and handle a return.

We provide all customers with 14 days (including Weekends) from the date of receipt of your item to begin a return with us.

This means that you have 14 days from the day the item was delivered, to complete and submit a product return form.

Once a product return form has been completed and submitted and your return has been pre-authorised, you have a further 14 days (including weekends) to complete the physical return of your item.

If you have received a Return Code (RC) and your return has been pre-authorised, you will be required to return the relevant item within 14 days (including weekends) to complete the physical return of the item, if the item is not returned within this time-frame, the return case status will be changed to closed and you will no longer have return pre-authorisation.


  • Exceptions

Warranty returns are excluded from the above return timeframes.


Return Options

As all returned items are pre-authorised prior to receipt, it allows us to complete the required procedures before the item has arrived with us.

It is vital that your returned item has been pre-authorised and a Return Code (RC) has been issued prior to return to ensure that your returned item can be correctly handled upon receipt.


  • Exchanges

Our product range and availability are one of the largest and most inclusive in the UK, if you have received an item which is not quite suitable the chances are, we can offer an alternative for a correct repair.


You can request that a returned item is exchanged upon receipt.

All items must be returned prior to an exchange taking place.

You do not need to pre-notify us of the item required, however if you have the product code of the item required available, this can be provided.

A return case handler will usually contact you by the contact number provided within your order to complete the exchange, this includes verifying the order details, confirming the alternative product required and processing any additional payment amount required.

If there is a price difference in the product returned and the alternative exchanged product requested, payment will need to be completed before the exchange is completed.

You may also be responsible for additional packaging costs or postage costs which would have been outlined in the return case.


  • Reimbursements

In the unfortunate event that an alternative product is not available or if you no longer require the item, a reimbursement can be requested.

All reimbursements are processed upon receipt and review of the returned item.

Once the returned item has been received and physically processed by a return case handler, an “instruction” is flagged to our payment processing team with the relevant information required to process a reimbursement.

All reimbursements are processed as reversals back to the original payment method, we do not store customer payment information, therefore the reimbursement can only be processed back to the original payment method.

After the instruction has been placed with our payment processing team, all transactions will be processed within 10 business days.

For further information regarding the payment information we store or for additional information regarding a pending transaction you can contact Customer Accounts Department | [email protected]


  • Account Credit

We can offer account credit for customers with rolling credit accounts.

Upon return of the item, the item will be reviewed and processed by a return case handler.

A credit note is generated against the original invoice inclusive of any deductions and supplied to you.

All credit notes are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.


Personalised Items Return Exclusions

We cannot accept return of personalised goods that are no longer required or have been incorrectly purchased and may not be suitable for the vehicle.

This includes the optional paint service we offer on the majority of our items.

This is in full accordance with Sale of Goods and Services Statute which can be viewed in full here:


We may grant return authorisation if an error has been made during the completion of the paint service, if an item has been incorrectly supplied or retailed, the item has sustained damage in transit or the item is considered electrically faulty, however an exchange would only be offered for products in circumstances where an alternative product is available.


Warranty Return | Faulty Electrical Goods

In the unlikely event that an electrical item supplied displays an electrical fault during or within 12 months of installation, your item is covered under the warranty agreement provided by the product manufactures.

For further information regarding our Warranty Agreement and how to place a warranty claim, visit our website here:


Third Party Charges | Our Responsibility

We are not responsible for any costs incurred which may be related to the supply of goods once recieved.
For further information regarding our responsibility as a distance selling online retailer in the UK, you can visit our Terms & Conditions here:
For further information regarding our liability involving goods considered faulty, please see the warranty agreement provided with your purchase here:


Right to Cancel | Consumer Rights

In accordance with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, you have the right to cancel your contract, subject to eligibility to all clauses, for any item purchased via our website within 14 days in exchange for a full reimbursement.

The above return policy and procedure information does not affect this statutory right.

For further information regarding your Right to Cancel, please visit our Terms and Conditions here:


Return Information Contact Information

We do hope the above information has answered your questions; however, you can utilise the below contacts at any time for support with additional enquiries:


Customer Returns Support Team | [email protected]

Customer Service Operations | [email protected]


Information Publishing Date | 1st March 2021

Next Review Date | 24th May 2021