Buy It Online Ltd Delivery Information offers a range of delivery services, please refer to the relevant delivery section below.


Dispatch Information

All orders are dispatched within 24 hours of order.


Lead Times

The vast majority of our products are in-stock and ready for dispatch the same day.

Some items may include an import or delivery lead time which will affect the dispatch of your order.

All lead times are published on the product information page and further reminders are included during the checkout process.

All lead times are approximate; however, care has been taken to ensure they are as accurate as possible.


Chosen Delivery Partners

Our well-established relationships with our delivery partners allow us to provide you the best rates and services.

We currently offer delivery services with the following UK & International Delivery Partners:

FedEx UK |

Royal Mail |

APC Overnight |

Yodel |

All delivery partners are regularly quality checked for efficiency and accuracy.

If you would like to provide feedback regarding our chosen delivery partners, you can contact our Internal Resourcing Team | [email protected]


 Bank Holidays/Public Holidays

Unless otherwise stated, deliveries will not be made on Bank/Public Holidays under any circumstances.

Any pre-scheduled deliveries scheduled for a delivery on a bank/public holiday will usually be completed the following business day unless otherwise re-arranged.


 Out of Area Deliveries

Using our vast and flexible network of multiple delivery partners, we can deliver items to all corners of the UK.

Some areas however may be considered “out of area” for standard delivery services.

A location is considered “out of area” when the nearest MAIL CENTRE/DELIVERY DEPOT is not within 30 miles of the delivery location.

In areas such as the Scottish Highlands, standard delivery services cannot be offered and therefore additional charges may be incurred.

Our website provides relevant delivery services based on the delivery information provided, meaning you will be fully informed of delivery costs and timeframes prior to placing your order.


 Personalised Orders

We are the only current UK Supplier to offer an in-house paint personalisation service.

If you have chosen one or more of your items to be professionally painted prior to dispatch, this will include a completion timeframe of 3 business days.

Our professional paint team are highly trained and experienced, as such we do aim to complete all orders as quickly as possible, however a completion timeframe of within 3 business days is provided to ensure all orders are completed to the highest of standards.

This lead time directly affects the dispatch of your order, your order will not be dispatched until this service has been completed.

If you have opted for a timed delivery service, the delivery timeframe will not begin until this service has been completed and your order has been successfully dispatched.


Non-Stocked Purchases

The Vast Majority of our range is stocked locally in the UK either directly in our warehouse facilities or with UK Supply.

We do however offer a range of non-stocked items, not available elsewhere in the UK.

This range of products are stocked with overseas suppliers and manufacturers and therefore include import lead times at the time of purchase.

The import lead time may differ depending on the product puchased, all import lead times are published on each individual product and are accurate as to the current date.

All items including an import lead time are considered special-order components, they are not considered stocked and are imported only at customer request.


 Stock Discrepancies

We always try our best to ensure our listings are as accurate as possible, but sometimes even we make mistakes.

Sometimes, an item may experience a stock discrepancy where the item is no longer available at the time of dispatch.

If an item you have purchased has experienced a stock discrepancy, you will be notified immediately and provided with the next available dispatch timeframe.

You will also be provided with instructions on how to request cancellation of the order if the timeframe provided is not suitable.

Further information regarding our cancellation policy can be found here:

If the timeframe provided is suitable, and you do not wish to cancel the order, you do not need to notify us as you order will be retained and will be pre-scheduled for dispatch at the next available opportunity.


Delivery Exceptions

Our chosen delivery partners are considered some of the best in the world, this does not mean that occasionally they do not get it wrong.

In an event that a delivery exception has occurred, the first port of contact should always be to your chosen delivery partner.

Your chosen delivery partner retains all the relevant information regarding your delivery and will be able to provide instant support for delivery exceptions.

You can contact our chosen delivery partners using the below contact information:

FedEx UK |

Royal Mail |

APC Overnight |

If you still require support after contacting your chosen delivery partner, you can contact our Customer Service Operations Team who will liaise directly with your chosen delivery partner to rectify any issues on your behalf.


 Missed Deliveries/Re-Scheduling Deliveries

If you miss a delivery attempt, there is no need to worry.

All our delivery partners offer quick and simple methods of re-arranging your delivery for an alternative date.

Usually, you will receive a notification to confirm the delivery attempt, this usually includes instructions explaining clearly how to get in touch and re-arrange.

Royal Mail also offer a collection service for missed delivery items.

If you require support re-scheduling a delivery, please contact our Customer Service Operations Team, who will happily re-arrange this on your behalf.


 Damaged/Lost Items

In the unlikely event that an item has been damaged or lost in transit, we are here to support you.

You are not required to handle any damage or loss claim with our chosen delivery partners under any circumstance.

Whilst we may request additional information to be provided such as referencing images of the damaged product, you will not be required to contact your chosen delivery partner independently.

If you have received a damaged item, this will need to be reported within 3 business days from receipt.

If you do not report the damage within this timeframe, we may not be able to offer a complete resolution.

You can report damage by contacting our Customer Service Operations Team directly who will usually request images of the damaged item, clearly displaying the damaged area, along with images of the internal and external product packaging.

Once damaged has been reported and the referenced images have been received, arrangements will be made to replace the damaged item.

If you believe your item has been lost during transit, you will need to contact us at your earliest opportunity to report the non-delivery of your order.

The delivery lead time is provided at the point of order and a loss report must only be filed after a delivery reference has been provided and reviewed.

We cannot escalate a non-delivery claim with any of our chosen delivery partners until the delivery timeframe has been surpassed.

You can report a missing item by contacting our Customer Service Operations Team directly who will escalate the delivery exception with your chosen delivery partner.

It is likely that an internal investigation will take place which is completed within 72 hours.

Upon completion of this investigation, if the item cannot be located, arrangements will be made to replace the missing product.


 Taxable Rates

All delivery services are taxed at the current UK VAT tax rate of 20%.



You can collect all orders from our store in Bury, Greater Manchester.

All orders will follow a similar timeframe for delivery and will usually be ready for collection within 48 hours unless a lead-time has been stated or a personalised service has been included.

A valid copy of your order confirmation must be present at collection along with a valid form of Photo ID.

The payment card may also be requested.


 Bulk Purchases/Oversized Items

We employ specialist delivery partners for items which cannot be carried by our chosen delivery partners.

This may include items which have a significant weight/volumetric weight or are significantly large.

If one or more of your items cannot be carried by our standard chosen delivery partners, a Customer Support Representative will contact you to discuss the available delivery options.

We also employ specialist freight carriers for bulk/stock purchases, these services usually incur additional costs which are non-negotiable.

All significantly large orders are pallet packaged where appropriate. We are not responsible for the requirements of unloading upon the delivery date.



We are constantly working hard to reduce our waste and subsequent effect on the local and global environment.

As such, all items are supplied in their original manufacture packaging.

We do not supply additional/alternative packaging for any items.

If packaging is damaged once the item is received and is no longer usable in the event of a returned item, you may be charged re-packaging costs.


Delivery Tracking

All delivery services are registered and tracked internally.

Only paid services are end-user trackable by the customer.

All delivery information including your delivery/tracking reference is provided directly by your chosen delivery partner.

If you have not received delivery information and were expecting to receive delivery information, you can request this is provided by contacting our Customer Service Operations Team.


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 Delivery Information Contact Information


We do hope you have been able to find the information you were looking for, however if you have any further enquiries regarding our delivery practices, contact information can be found below:


Customer Service Operations | [email protected]


Dispatch & Warehousing | [email protected]


Product Management & Purchasing | [email protected]


Internal Resourcing (Internal Development) | [email protected]


Information Publishing Date | 1st March 2021

Next Review Date | 24th May 2021