Covid-19 - Latest Information

Important Customer Information

Unfortunately, due to the impact of the lockdown restrictions enforced on 5th January 2021, we have taken steps to reduce operations for this period.

As of 10th January 2021, the vast majority of customer support operatives will be operating remotely, this may affect our ability to provide you with customer support at all times and will increase response lead times.

We ask all customers during this period to be mindful of their contact, only contact us by telephone when necessary and allow an increased timeframe when expecting a response.

Our customer support teams will still be working to provide the best possible service and steps have been taken to allow remote operations to run smoothly and efficiently during this period.

Our operating times have not been affected by this change and can be found in the contact information section of any of our websites.

The steps taken should not affect delivery, order, or return lead times as our warehouses remain open with required capacity, however, please be mindful of our delivery partners and their operating procedures which may directly impact delivery lead times.

We thank all customers for their patience and understanding at this time and look forward to restoring our operations to their full potential at the earliest possible opportunity.