Cancellation Policy

We understand at that sometimes requirements or circumstances change, which is why we always ensure orders can be cancelled for a generous amount of time.


Cancellation Procedure | Requesting Cancellation


If you are required to cancel your order, the process is simple and risk-free.

Our dedicated in-house Customer Accounts Team are responsible for the processing, handling, and reviewing all monetary transactions.

Our Customer Accounts Team is managed by qualified Chartered Bookkeeping and credit controlling professionals who are specifically trained in managing large amounts of transactions.

To request cancellation of your order, please contact our Dedicated Customer Support Team, the order will be placed on-hold whilst the cancellation request is reviewed.

If your order is eligible for cancellation at the time of the request, subsequent confirmation of cancellation is provided.


Customer Support Hub | c[email protected]


Below is an example format for your cancellation request, you can use the below example within your email cancellation request.


Example Cancellation Request Statement |


Subject | Cancellation Request | (Order ID/Invoice Number)


I (Customer Name) am requesting full cancellation of my order with Reference (Order ID/Invoice Number) on (Date).


Cancellation Terms | Cancellation Requirements


We will always attempt to accommodate customer requirements, especially when it concerns their orders.

There are however several requirements your order must meet for cancellation to be successfully processed.


Cancellation Requirements |

  • Cancellation Request must be received in writing (Email).
  • Cancellation Request must be placed before 3pm on the ordering date.
  • Order must not have progressed past processing stage E.g. Dispatched/Painting/Ordering.
  • Cancellation must not have previously been refused.


Cancellation Procedures


Once cancellation has been accepted and processed, confirmation will be provided to the email address linked to the order.

Any related payment will subsequently be reversed to the original payment method.

Transaction notification is provided along with a break-down of the transaction information.


Transaction Information | Processing Timeframe


All transactions are processed within a maximum of 30-Days (Including Weekends).

Our Buy It Online Ltd Customer Experience aim is for all transactions to be processed and completed within 10 Business Days; however, this cannot always be insured on occasion.

Customer Transaction Information & History can be provided if requested, please contact Customer Accounts Department | [email protected]


Consumer Rights | Right to Cancel

  1. Your Right to Cancel is only applicable if you are a Consumer and you have purchased goods and/or services via a website managed by Buy It Online Ltd.
  2. Where you purchase goods in-store, your Right to Cancel does not apply and is not covered by the consumer contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.
  3. This clause does not apply to any wholesale purchased goods or goods of special-order nature.


In accordance with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 you have the right to cancel the Contract (subject to clause 4.8 below) for any item bought on a website managed by Buy It Online Ltd for a full refund (Except for wholesale and special-order goods) within 14 days without giving any reason.

The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day on which you receive, or a third party other than that of the delivery partner receives, physical possession of ordered goods.


  1. To exercise your right to cancel, follow our online activated return procedure and select “No Longer Required” as the return reason. You are not required, by law, to provide any additional information.
    1. 1. If you cancel the contract using your right to cancel, you will be reimbursed all payments received from you, excluding the cost of delivery where applicable.
    2. 2. You will not be reimbursed additional optional charges such as supplementary costs of delivery where the cheapest delivery option was not chosen. This also includes additional optional services such as the paint service provided or on-site installation of goods.
    3. 3. The goods must be returned within the cancellation period of 14 days, further information regarding delivery timeframes can be found within the return guide on our website here:
    4. 4. The goods must be returned in original condition and not be de-valued.
    5. 5. A reimbursement will be issued without undue delay, and no later than 30 days from:
    6. 5.1. The date of receipt of the goods.
    7. 5.2. Earlier, if there were no goods supplied.


  1. 6. All reimbursements will be made using the original payment method. If this is not applicable a transaction method will be chosen at our discretion.
  2. 7. If you are responsible for the costs of return, these costs may be deducted from any reimbursement amount issued. In some cases, these costs may need to be satisfied in the form of an additional payment prior to reimbursement. Further information regarding possible return costs can be found in the return guide on our website here:


  1. 8. The right to cancel agreement does not apply to the following kind of contracts:


  1. The supply of wholesale or discounted goods and/or services.
  2. The supply of a personalised service or personalised goods applicable to painted items.
  3. The supply of goods previously known to be faulty, damaged, altered.
  4. The supply of goods which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.
  5. The supply of goods which cannot be returned in their original unused condition.
  6. The supply of goods considered special-order products or goods specifically imported.


Cancellation Exemptions

We must notify customers of products which are exempt from the above contractual agreement.

The following products retailed on a website managed by Buy It Online Ltd are exempt from cancellation at the time of purchase.

5. All goods retailed in a wholesale or discounted manner cannot be cancelled once purchased.

5.1. All goods imported at the time of purchase cannot be cancelled once purchased such as goods inclusive of overseas lead times or importation charges.

5.2. Goods which have undergone a personalisation service such as painting or altering.


The above publication does not affect your statutory rights.


Cancellation Information Contact Information

Our published cancellation policy is designed to assist customers in understanding their rights and the procedures we follow when cancelling an order placed via a website managed by Buy It Online Ltd.

If for any reason you still require support regarding our cancellation policy or procedures, the below contact information can be used to request additional assistance:


Dedicated Customer Support Hub | [email protected]

Legal Responsibility & Compliance | [email protected]



Information Publishing Date | 1st March 2021

Next Review Date | 24th May 2021